Part of the point of living near a lake is the access to the outdoors. You want to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake and its environs. Well, while you want protection from the elements when you go inside your house, you don't want to be cut off from the beauty.

If you have a patio, there are different methods for actually opening up the house to create a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. 

However, you can also visually open up other parts of your house with glass walls.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the classic structure for exits onto a patio or other gathering space. For one, the glass lets in the natural light and keeps the view unobstructed. However, sliding glass doors are also practical — the frame is wider, so you can carry items through more easily. The door a

Folding Glass Doors

Folding glass doors are similar to glass walls in that they offer more opened-up space. Like sliding glass walls, they typically span an entire room. However, rather than slide along a track, they accordion in. This essentially results in removing a wall between the interior and exterior.

Folding glass doors can come in simple bifold designs, or you can choose multiple panels. Your choice depends a lot on the amount of space, but also the construction of your opening. Folding doors are usually open or closed. Therefore, if you want some air control, you'll want to incorporate shorter models with stationary glass walls.

Sliding Glass Walls

Sliding glass walls are very similar to sliding glass doors with one obvious difference — they're much wider. In fact, such constructions often span the entire patio or interior room. That means that when you have the door open, there's almost no distinction between the two spaces. Frame materials are the same as with sliding glass doors.

Window Walls

The transition between indoors and outdoors can be more visual than actual. If you want to keep a room enclosed but still maximize sunlight and the views, Better Homes and Gardens recommends installing window walls. These consist of floor to ceiling windows.

Homeowners typically achieve this aesthetic one of two ways. One way is with floor to ceiling picture windows. This is similar to a sliding glass wall in that it offers wide panes of glass and little obstruction of the view. Such a construction offers a modern profile.

If your home features a more traditional or even historical feel, consider adding matching transom windows. These are panes of glass just above a window or door. Transom windows usually match the width of the window or door underneath, they're just much shorter. Transom windows can be stationary, or you can choose models that open.

The views and the fresh lake air are some of the most important reasons you own a lake home. Therefore, finding ways to open up your home to maximize both makes sense. Talk to the experts at Lake Home Windows about how glass doors and window walls can enhance your lakeside living.