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6 Reasons why buying property out of the country is not easy

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The fear of making mistakes can often take the fun out of buying property out of the country. Don’t we all dream of owning a vacation home in the topics? Is it so easy as it looks?

Imagine having piñas coladas and sushi while sitting on a white-sand beach in Costa Rica. Surfers are riding the waves and your kids are building a sand castle.

Would you like that dream to come true? As a 35-year veteran in Costa Rican real estate, I’ve seen quite a few shattered dreams. Property hunting https://www.american-european.net/costa-rica-real-estate-blog/costa-rica-real-estate-topics/the-property-hunting-process-in-costa-rica/ can be fun. But buying property out of the country can also result in a big mistake.

1.No mandatory licensing

Unless you’d want to purchase property FSBO in your city, you would probably just contact your favorite realtor there. Your favorite realtor will be licensed and will show lots of specialty abbreviations behind the name on her/his business card: like SRS, ABR, CRS, CIAS, CPM, CPRES, MRP.

In many countries around the world there is no mandatory licensing. That doesn’t mean the agents don’t know what they’re doing. Licensing doesn’t make a person honest either.

You just need to do your homework and find the right agent.

2.Not your language

When buying property out of the country, you might have problems communicating. People probably speak another language than you do. Hire an agent you can communicate with well, and one who understand the local customs and laws. But, don’t immediately trust someone because he/she speaks your language.

3.No comps

In many countries around the world, there is no registry that shows you the historic past of a property. Therefore, you cannot find out what a property sold for last time. There is also no way to find out what any houses in the neighborhood sold for. So there are no comps to count on.

Having no comps makes it even more important you find a trustworthy and knowledgeable agent.

4.Property size

In the United States, property is measured in square feet and in acres. In most countries in the world property is measured in hectares and square meters (m2). In some, the internal space of a house or a building is measure in cubic meters (m3).

How can you figure it all out? Oblige yourself to be diligent.

5.No financing

Often, you won’t find any financing for your property purchase. At home, your agent can pull your credit report and know what you can afford to pay. In other countries, they don’t know you. You’re a high risk for a lender, no matter how responsible you are.

You want to make sure to have at least 50% down payment and you might be able to find a property with owner financing.

Also, mortgage rates are often much higher than you are used to.

6.Maintenance cost

In the tropics, property maintenance cost might be quite different from what you are used to. There is a lot more sun and usually a lot more rain. Before you purchase, request a home inspection and ask the inspector about the cost of maintenance of the property.

Of course you will find other specific differences in doing business abroad. You might even enjoy a few of them! But now you have at least a few more tools to defend yourself and buying property out of the country is going to be much easier.

Ivo Henfling is a Dutch national, a resident of Costa Rica since 1980 and a real estate broker since 1994. He is the founder of The American European MLS in Costa Rica, which covers locations from coast to coast. Ivo has written over 1,000 articles about real estate and living in Costa Rica. You can reach him at ivo@american-european.net or visit https://www.american-european.net

How Can You Grow Strains Plants In Your Garden?

Strains garden

With strains becoming legal, it is time to talk about growing the same in the garden. The old fashion way of growing in secrecy and indoors is to gain control that paves the path for maximum market value. However, with strains plants becoming legal, one can plant alongside basil and zucchini who like to enjoy weed occasionally. An important point to remember is that growing strains involves complication. Before proceeding with the growth of the plant, it is essential to understand the local laws.

Several firms set up their shop to fill in the legal gap for the demand. There are several varieties. However, it is crucial to buy strains seeds based on outdoor conditions. A supplier will mention the requirements in the listing.

Understanding male and female plants
Cannabis possesses the ability to produce both male and female flowers. Psychoactive compounds are abundant in female flower buds while their counterparts produce little flowers that are not worth for smoking.

Growing conditions
It is crucial that the growing conditions suit for the strains plants. A cannabis plant requires at least six hours of sunlight exposure and planned drainage system. They grow well in a raised bed that is natural for the growth of vegetables. However, potting soil that fills up pots equalling to five gallons of soil also works excellently for the growth of the strains plants.

Apart from drainage, sunlight, and potting soil, air circulation plays a crucial role, as it prevents the development of fungal diseases. Therefore, it is essential to plant the plants with a gap of six feet. The distance will ensure that the plants do not look like a dense hedge after they grow.

Use of compost manure is another addition for continuous growth of the plants. Strains plants love nutrients. If one is planning to grow them in the garden, it is preferable to enrich the soil with compost manure at least a month before planting the seeds.

Feeding and watering
Strains plants drink a lot of water. Therefore, it is essential to offer an appropriate irrigation system. Adding nitrogen fertiliser every three weeks benefits the growth of the plant.

Depending on the variant, a plant grows up till 12 feet or more. Pruning is essential to manage them and see better results.

The above methods are helpful for anyone who is planning to grow strains plants in the garden.

7 Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

7 Vinyl Siding Installation Tips

Whether you are a starter or a certified pro, it is important to have certain knowledge before you start installing Vinyl Siding. It is one of the easiest siding types but it does require proper skills and information. If you end up installing it incorrectly, it will let the water come in and be a home for all types of pests.

So, here are 7 tips to help you avoid the common mistakes while you are installing vinyl siding.


  • Lock the Sides Down Loosely

Make sure that when you install vinyl siding, you don’t lock it tightly against the wall. Instead, you should keep the gap between nails and the siding which are being locked down. It is because vinyl siding might expand and contract eventually, and for that, it might need ample space.


  • Choose the Nails Carefully

It is also essential that you choose strong and long nails to place the vinyl siding firmly against the wall. They must also stand by severe weather conditions. Make sure that these nails are at least 2 inches long. If you don’t pay heed to this minor yet important detail, the weather will cause damage to the nails and the siding will fall off your home.


  • Prepare Your Walls

Your wall must be leveled and flat. How strong and stable your siding will remain depends upon the fact that what lies under it. You must install flashing before installing the vinyl siding. Moreover, you must apply a weather resistant barrier before the siding. It will help in shedding the water and controlling the moisture. It is a very technical task which would require help from a renowned siding contractor Trumbull Ct.


  • Lift and Nail

One more important thing to do while you install vinyl siding is to lift each piece up before you nail it. As you move further, repeat it for each piece by lifting it up and nailing it into the place. This will help you in creating a strong bond between different segments of siding.


  • Flash Bottom Corners Of the Window

Before you install vinyl siding, make sure you flash the bottom corners of each window. You can simply cut out a segment of felt paper to fit it over the corner of the window. By doing this, you would save the frame from rotting around the windows.


  • Use the Special Blade to Cut Vinyl

It’s not okay to cut vinyl segments with a normal blade. Instead, you must have a specialty vinyl blade. This blade is designed in a way that it would make the cut smoother. If you want to eradicate the other cutting issues, it is recommended to seek help from some professional siding contractor Ct.


  • Install Long Panels First

You need to start from that side of your wall which needs longer panels. They usually take time to adjust as they don’t stretch as easily as the smaller panels do.

These tips are really helpful in getting done with the vinyl siding properly. 

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