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How to Set Up a Study/Work Area at Home for Increased Productivity

How to Set Up a Study/Work Area at Home for Increased Productivity

As a student, there are certainly going to be a lot of things competing for your time. From academic work to extracurriculars, managing your time well and maximizing the time you spend on different activities is going to be the most crucial determining factor in how well you do, in terms of the grades you’ll accumulate over time.

When it comes to studying, it’s important that you’re able to cover as much of your material as possible and as thoroughly as possible in short periods of time. The area in which you are studying is a crucial element, and here are a few tips to help you set up the perfect study space for maximal productivity:

1. Clear the Clutter

When there’s a lot of clutter around your study area, it’ll increase your stress levels and decrease your productivity since you’ll constantly have to be shifting things around. To avoid that, remove all unnecessary items from your table and around the space generally. You can bring only the textbooks and equipment you need for each study session, to ensure that you don’t continue to accumulate items that you might not need.

2. Have a Study Schedule

Having a schedule generally improves efficiency because them you can plan toward the set periods in which you want to work and it’ll also help to improve your time management, as opposed to just popping in and out at random. Make sure that your schedule works in tandem with space and provide any equipment you’ll need to work during those periods, such as special lights.

3. Set and Communicate Rules

If you share your home with a roommate or live with family, distractions can be very common, even when they are well-intentioned. One way to ensure that your study space remains conducive to your work is to agree on specific ground rules with the other occupants of your home regarding what is permissible and what is not, in terms of noise levels and interruptions of your study sessions.

4. Go for Reasonable Comfort

You want to be comfortable while you study, but not so much that it becomes too easy for you to nod off. Look for furniture that has ergonomic features to help your posture and prevent you from getting fatigued too early, but tries to stay away from items that are too luxurious and which are designed to aid sleep, since the goal is to remain alert while you search for homework help quick answers.

5. Adequate Lighting

You should know already that reading in bad lighting conditions will stress your eyes and make it difficult for you to continue studying for extended periods of time. To avoid those dangers, make sure that you position your study area in a way that will maximize natural light during the day, and the artificial lighting when you have to study at night.

6. Keep Your Gadgets Away

If you set up your study area with your reading table right next to your gaming PC that’s on and still connected to your favorite gaming platform, or if your phone is within easy reach, you’ll likely not be as focused as you should be. Let there be reasonable distances between your study area and gadgets that could distract you, or keep them off and silent.

Tips For Selecting The Best Drill Press

Tips For Selecting The Best Drill Press


Have a drill press around your house for times when you need to bore the spaced holes or holes of exact depths on the wood or stone, and should definitely be among your collection of home tools. This versatile equipment, with its different accessories and bits, can serve a series of purposes and can even fold up like a mortise machine or a spindle sander. When looking out for the best drill press for sale, consider some tips that will help you make the right decision and invest in a unit that will really do the job.

Anyone who has had the privilege of buying their own will know that there are many difficulties in choosing the best model for you. Will, it only be used on weekends, or are you a professional who will use it almost every day of the week? How much space do you have in your workshop? These are just some of the questions you will want to ask yourself before you buy a new drill press.

Let's explore some of these in more detail. First, ask yourself each of the following questions. In doing so, I am sure you will be able to easily find the right press for you. Here we go:

Well, that depends mostly on the space you have. Do you have a large workshop or a small workshop? Do you have room for a full-size drill press or just enough space to tighten one? Floor drill presses are usually more expensive and weigh more. Usually, however, they come with more characteristics and more power under the hood.

This depends on what you are doing with your press. If you are only an amateur carpenter and will only use the press every so often-weekends for example-then you don't need such a powerful unit. However, if you're going to use the press a lot-like every day-then you'll want something with a little more power to handle the heavy workload.

As with most of this type of hardware, you pay for what you get. The more expensive models usually come with better quality, more durable components, and many more features and compliments then their cheaper counterparts. Are the cross laser hairs, built in the Flexi-lamp, the extra-large tabletop, and the 16-speed engine really what you need? Well... the most common answer is yes. When it comes to drilling presses, manufacturers include all these features to make your grilling experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have the extra money, then get a Dremel drill press with additional features. 

This again is determined so you are going to use your drill press too. If you're just going to use it for soft or thin woods, then a less powerful engine will do. However, if you intend to use it day by day with hardwoods and larger projects, you will want to opt for a more powerful engine to take the high-strength workload.

Keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Cheap presses are great if you only use them for smaller projects, and the workload isn't going to be that big. However, you'll want to buy a more expensive model if you want durability, and a drill press that will be able to handle a heavier workload.

Ontario Man Charged with Million-Dollar Investment Fraud

Ontario Man Charged with Million-Dollar Investment Fraud

Brampton Man Edmund Teelucksingh has been charged with more accusations this year after already being involved in a mortgage case last year where he allegedly bilked real estate investors in the tune of thousands of dollars.

Teelucksingh, 50, now living in Brampton, was originally charged in January 2016 by Nottawasaga OPP with fraud in relation to a real estate investment in 2010 in which a victim claim he sunk $50,000. At that time, Teelucksingh was living in Mississauga. It has now been found out by the police that as many as 20 New Tecumseth residents lost a total of about $1 million in that scheme.

The charges were brought against Teelucksingh following a 30-month investigation of his involvement in investment fraud by Nottawasaga OPP. The said investigation was launched in May 2013 after a Nottawasaga resident complained that he’s been a victim of a $50,000 fraud after investing in what he thought was a legitimate real estate investment in 2010.

More Charges

Earlier this month, OPP announced that 3 other men have been charged together with Teelucksingh regarding running a large-scale “pyramid-type scheme”, as shared by the police.

To date, a total of 68 charges were brought against the 4 perpetrators. The charges include a fraud case with a value of over $5,000, and charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and fraud. 29 of the charges were laid against Brampton resident Teelucksingh.

19 charges were filed against 57-year old Marcel Jones of Highgate, 15 charges filed against 39-year old Shawn Jones of Whitby, and 5 charges were brought against 68-year old Badar Siddiqui of Ajax.

The 4 accused men were scheduled to appear in the Ontario Court of Justice in Bradford a few days ago. No statements from fellow Brampton residents are available at this time.

Brampton Residents Take Note

Do you recall that you may have heard of a similar scheme in Brampton or Mississauga in the past few years? Be sure to let the local authorities know. You may be able to bring fraudsters like this Brampton man to justice.

For more information on our private investigation services in the city of Brampton, please visit us at: https://www.haywoodhunt.ca/private-investigators-brampton.html

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